Listen to the Pastor Preach

One thing is for sure, the pastor is going to be very entertaining when it is his turn to preach values.

After all, you’d want him to share good values before everything is said and done. When that happens, you could likewise turn on each other until you find a formidable solution. These days, online masses have become a thing due to the pandemic. When you tune into the mass, you will most likely catch the middle of the Naughty America discount sermon. The good news is that some channels would allow you to replay the sermon so you can find out what the pastor said earlier. The pastor won’t repeat what he said so it would be up to you to find out.

The Bible teachings are life lessons that you can apply in everyday life.

Not all of us have read the entire bible so the pastor is doing us a favor by mentioning some parts and then telling a short story that we can all relate to. The story can be about current events or a personal story that the pastor would love to share. There is nothing wrong with sharing a personal story with the public as long as you think it is worth sharing. You don’t have to mention names anyway as you just need to do a lot of things like acting weird on a perfectly normal day. Who knows? You could want to become a pastor one day but you need to have good communication skills as you will talk to several people from different backgrounds at the church.


If you don’t listen to the pastor then you are missing out on a lot.

Besides, you would end up the only one doing that as everyone would most likely pay attention. Of course, you’d want to find out that this will last 15 to 20 minutes which takes up the majority of the mass. While some people don’t necessarily go there for that, some of them go to mass because of how much they like the pastor. There is a possibility they would change their mind somewhere down the road but that is no way to treat a pastor. After all, the pastor worked pretty hard to reach the status he has right now.

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You should never distract the pastor while he is preaching though.

He would hate distractions even if they were made by children. These days, we should understand children but you should blame the parents for putting them at the wrong time and place. You should know that children belong at the playground and not at mass. When the pastor gets distracted, he will eventually forget what he is talking about. The worst thing that could happen there is the pastor would walk out, especially if he has already talked several times in one day. if it is Sunday then you can expect Oldje Coupon pastors to be a bit tired so you should respect them for what they bring to the table.